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Dear customers and business partners,

Our company is Czech owned and was founded in 1992. On August 31, 1992 the company was registered at the Regional Court as a limited liability company, named EGAS Ltd., with its headquarters in Studénka.

In the early beginnings the company's main activity was focused on gas installations, plumbing and heating systems whence comes the name EGAS "ecological gas" which as a registered trademark our company uses even today. In 1995 a production plant was purchased in Pustějov, where metalworking workplaces were gradually set up focused on welding and machining for railroad wagons and steel structures. 

The long-term manufacturing portfolio includes the production of locks, main boards for door systems, mechanisms for emergency unblocking, and components for rail transportation platforms.

Our company is involved in the manufacturing of assembled units, products and models, according to submitted drawings.

During 24 years of operation, our company has made mechanical products, which are used in rolling mills in Argentina and our manufactured components are parts of the trains in use both domestically and abroad.

In May 2016 an adjustment to the ownership structure of the company occurred. Dipl -Ing. Miloslav Cváček, Ph.D. and Bc. Eva Šnajdárková as the owners combined the strengths of the companies ISMM Production & Business Cooperation s.r.o. and EGAS s.r.o. As the result of this connection the company was renamed ISMM & EGAS Ltd. with all previously acquired certificates and licenses staying valid.

The goal is an increase of competitiveness in the market of wagon components production for mass public transportation and a new extension of production capacity in agricultural, automotive and handling machinery segments.

The headquarters of the company was administratively changed from the original address Studénka, 2. května 309 to the current premises at Pustějov 285, 742 43.

Nowadays the company ISMM & EGAS Ltd. is expanding manufacturing capacity in welding, CNC machining with an aim to provide complex manufacturing services for custom production with specialization in machining, welding of wagon components, mechanical parts and assembled units for the agricultural, automotive and handling machinery.

Motto of our company is: “ISMM & EGAS, always quality for you.”